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Work and Worship

Luke 24:52–53 (ESV) … “And they worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy, and were continually in the temple blessing God.”

Jesus had just ascended up into heaven, and now the church no longer grieves. Jesus’ final disappearance does not bring mourning and sadness. It brings joy and worship. The church has heard the resurrection story. His followers have seen the resurrected Lord. They have experienced the spiritual presence in the breaking of bread. They believe in the resurrected Lord. They can tell the story of the resurrected Messiah. They can show that Scripture prepared for the Messiah to come to earth, minister, be betrayed, suffer, die, and be resurrected. They can preach in the name of Jesus. They can call for repentance. They can promise forgiveness.

Now the church worships and waits. They are waiting on the Spirit to come. Until then, stay in Jerusalem. Stay at the temple. Yes, work from the center of Judaism to preach Christ. Pray. Give thanks. Express joy. Worship. Wait for the Spirit.

In our lives, we have times we must wait upon the Lord. However, long we must wait for the Lord, we must continue to work and worship. We should never take a break from those two most important spiritual tasks. Worship and work keep us connected to the Lord. Are you connected to Jesus as you should be? If not, then try working for the Lord and worshiping the Lord. Before long, you will discover his presence in those tasks. Moreover, you will find a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit in both of those tasks.

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