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Wisdom’s Role In Overcoming Temptation

James 1:5 (ESV) … “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

Why is the need for wisdom brought up in a section of passages about how to endure temptations? Because it is by wisdom that God shows us the way of escape, or the way to endure trials. Thus, wisdom is the greatest need at that time in a person’s life, the need to know God’s ways and to be able to make decisions that will lead a man through hard and difficult times; for a person must be able to stand upon God’s word without yielding or compromising.

The conditional clause, “If …” implies that we may already have divine wisdom for this particular situation. When we serve the Lord for a long time, we learn how to respond to particular situations. If this is a new situation, we certainly need wisdom from God.

It is divine wisdom that will show to us the difference between walking in hypocrisy and true religion (chapter 1–2). It will show us how to control our tongue during trials (chapter 3). It will keep us walking in humility (chapter 4). True wisdom will teach us patience and perseverance (chapter 5).[1]

[1] Everett, G. H. (2011). The Epistle of James (pp. 53–54). Gary Everett.


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