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Victory Promised by Jesus

Mark 13:26 (ESV) … “And then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.”

The disciples ask Jesus when the crisis will come. Jesus answers that there will be many trials and disasters, both natural and as a result of human activity. His followers will be arrested and tried for their faith, and families will be divided. Something abominable will be placed in the temple and the people of Judea will have to flee for safety.

Jesus describes these times of stress as ‘birth pains’—the anguish of an old world dying and a new age being born. He quotes the well-known words of Isaiah, describing universal darkness and cosmic chaos. Then, he says, the Son of man will appear. He will come suddenly, with clouds and great glory—just as predicted in Daniel’s famous vision (Daniel 7:13–14).

Jesus gives his disciples their bearings in history. Even when the cosmos is plunged into chaos, God is in control. Jesus and his promises will outlast heaven and earth. Nothing in life or death can harm those who belong to him. They may have to share his suffering now, but in the end they will also share his victory.[1]

[1] Knowles, A. (2001). The Bible guide (1st Augsburg books ed., p. 463). Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg.

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