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Turn and Seek God’s Face Once More

Psalm 80:3 (ESV) … “Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved!”

In awakening this morning to the chaos, hurt, and destructions of riots, there is no doubt that we need the face of God to shine upon us again. How needed is the reminder and promise of Psalm 80:3.

In Psalm 80, we see the psalmist appealing to God as a Shepherd. Oh, how we need the Great Shepherd in our land. The psalmist reminds the people that what is needed is God's face of grace to pasture and protect the flock.

In verse 3, we see the psalmist's prayer to turn back to God with the hope that God's face would beam upon them. It was not that God's back was toward them; their back was toward Him. They were the ones who needed to turn around, not God. So the psalmist first laments that "the Lord does not assure our protection anymore."

Let us fall upon our knees as a nation in repentance and seek the face of God once more. Let us turn back to God and repent from our sins that God will shine upon our country. True and lasting healing will only come by way of the Lord our God!

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