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Praying as Moses Prayed

Exodus 33:14 (ESV) … And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

All prayers should be this successful. But are all prayers like Moses’ prayer? Is there one hint of self-seeking in Moses’ prayer that he might personally, and not the people, benefit from what he prays? Did he seek one thing that was not in line with Yahweh’s will?

Yahweh answers those queries. “On your behalf, Moses, be at ease; my presence will go along!” “My presence” means that God himself will go, a form of synecdoche. But Moses is not satisfied to “be at ease” himself. An echo of Noah’s name continues in the biblical text as God grants Moses relief (וַהֲנִחֹתִי). The verbal root used is the same one from which Noah’s name is built, the man who gave rest to the people from the ground Yahweh had cursed (Gen 5:28–29). Moses seeks relief for his people. Exactly how Yahweh would have accomplished this through Moses is not clear. Perhaps it was simply by continuing to meet Moses regularly in the tent of meeting.[1]

When we come to God with a heart like Moses we find the same promise for us.

In Christ & Friends Always,

Bro. Chris.

[1] Carpenter, E. (2012). Exodus (H. W. House & W. D. Barrick, Eds.; Vol. 2, pp. 340–341). Lexham Press.

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