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Prayer A Cherish Blessing

Psalm 38:9 (ESV) … “O Lord, all my longing is before you; my sighing is not hidden from you.”

David opened the psalm with “Lord—Jehovah,” and now he addressed God once more, this time as “Lord—Adonai—Master.” He will use both names in verses 15 and 21–22. For a brief moment, he took his eyes off his own sufferings and looked to the Lord, knowing that God saw his heart and knew all his longings. God knows what we want, but He also knows what we need. Then why pray? Because God has commanded us to pray, and “you do not have because you do not ask” (James 4:2, nkjv). Furthermore, as we pray, God works in our hearts to give us a clearer understanding of ourselves and of His will for us. Prayer isn’t a theological concept to analyze and explain; it’s a privilege to cherish and a blessing to claim.[1]

[1] Wiersbe, W. W. (2004). Be worshipful (1st ed., p. 148). Cook Communications Ministries.

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