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Our Perfect High Priest

Hebrews 5:9–10 (ESV) … “And being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him, being designated by God a high priest after the order of Melchizedek.”

The author of our salvation was made perfect through suffering (2:10). No human high priest became “perfect.” The words “once made perfect” do not refer to Jesus’ sinless state. Jesus was already perfect before he faced suffering; his perfection was put to the test and came out with flying colors. Because humans experience suffering and death, Christ became fully human and experienced these parts of humanity as well. Christ was always morally perfect. By obeying, he demonstrated his perfection to us, not to God or to himself. In the Bible, “perfection” usually means completeness or maturity. By sharing our experience of suffering, Christ shared our human experience completely. Because Christ lived, died, and rose again, he became the souce of eternal salvation for all who obey him. Christ alone is the only source of salvation. These last words warned those who would turn away from Christ and turn back to an inferior system. Salvation comes only to those who obey as Christ obeyed—with complete submission to God and his will, even in the face of suffering.[1]

In Christ & Friends Always,

Bro. Chris.

[1] Barton, B. B., Veerman, D., Taylor, L. C., & Comfort, P. W. (1997). Hebrews (pp. 68–69). Tyndale House Publishers.


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