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Not Forsaken In God's Will

WHEN we come near the end of the book of Joshua, we read a marvelous testimony of the faithfulness of God. Israel had been delivered from Egypt, had survived forty years in the wilderness, and had now finally entered the land which God had promised to them. Everything God had said would happen had come to pass. All His promises had been fulfilled about Israel being delivered from Egypt and about Israel possessing the land of Canaan. Not one thing had failed which God had promised. All of this is a great encouragement to us today. It encourages us in especially two ways, namely, to believe God’s Word and to behave God’s will.

Believe God’s Word. This verse says you can trust what God says. You can trust His Word. If God says it, it will come to pass. God speaks only the truth. His Word is true! We cannot always say that about man, however. Most politicians are full of lies. They promise so many things at election times, but they fulfill very few of their promises. Most of their promises are only election rhetoric. Many professors in school are also full of lies. They tell us evolution is how man came into being, but the evidence they claim for evolution is fraudulent. Also you cannot trust the news media to say the truth either. The liberal news media is so biased that it is often guilty of manufacturing the news rather than reporting it. But you can trust God’s Word to always be true.

Behave God’s Will. When God tells us what to do, we should do it; for what God says is always true. God’s will is the right way to live. It will not lead us to a profligate life that ends in ruin and despair. Yes, sometimes when God tells us His will, it seems like a hard path through the wilderness. But you can trust God because He is always true. If the path seems rugged and hard, keep on it; for it is the path to the promised land. If times are discouraging, do not give up. Stay in God’s will, for He is faithful and will not forsake you. What God has promised will come to pass. You can count on that!

Butler, J. G. (2004). Daily Bible Reading: Sermonettes (Vol. 2, p. 77). Clinton, IA: LBC Publications.

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