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God Our Father Worthy of Our Trust

Psalm 74:16 (ESV) … “Yours is the day, yours also the night; you have established the heavenly lights and the sun.”

Psalm seventy-four teaches us how to pray when disaster strikes when it seems as though God is blind and deaf to what is going in our hurting. This psalm deals with a catastrophe of no small measure: the enemy has come into the sanctuary and destroyed their place of worship.

As this psalm plays out, we see that God is still on his throne. God is still very much in control in every way. For example, in this focal verse, the prophet asks us to consider the divine benefits which are extended in common to all mankind. Having commenced with the special blessings by which God manifested himself to be the Father of his chosen people, he now aptly declares that God exercises his beneficence towards the whole human family.

The psalmist declares that it is not by chance that the days and nights succeed each other in regular succession, but that this order was established by the appointment of God.

The secondary cause of this miracle is added as well. For the psalmist states that our Heavenly Father has assigned the sun with the power and office of illuminating the earth; for after having spoken of the light he adds the sun, as the principal means of communicating it.

Therefore, then the incomparable goodness of God towards the human race clearly shines forth in this beautiful arrangement. The prophet rightly derives from this arrangement an argument for strengthening and establishing our trust in God.

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