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God of the Impossible

Luke 1:37 (ESV) … “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

To encourage Mary’s faith, the angel not only gave Mary an example of the impossible happening, but the angel also gave her a great principle that encourages our faith to trust God for the impossible. Examples are encouraging but so are Divine principles. I love the three principles given by A.W. Tozer that speaks to God’s almighty power.

Principle #1 God has power and whatever God has is without limit; therefore, God is omnipotent. God is absolute and whatever touches God or whatever God touches is absolute; therefore, God’s power is infinite; God is Almighty.

Principle #2 is that God is the source of all the power there is. There isn’t any power anywhere that doesn’t have God as its source, whether it be the power of the intellect, of the spirit, of the soul, of dynamite, of the storm or of magnetic attraction. Wherever there is any power at all, God is the author of it. And the source of anything has to be greater than that which flows out of it.

Principle #3 is that God delegates power to His creation, but He never relinquishes anything of His essential perfection. God gives power, but He doesn’t give it away. When God gives power to an archangel, He still retains that power. When God the Father gives power to the Son, He keeps that power. When God pours power upon a man, He still keeps that power. God can’t give anything of Himself away. God can’t relinquish any of His power, because if He did, He would be less powerful than He was before. And if He were less powerful than He was before, He would not be perfect, for perfection means that He has all power. God can’t “give away” His power.[1]

Therefore, we have an almighty God who not only can accomplish the impossible, but also empower us to do the impossible as well. All that is required to have God work the impossible in our lives and through our lives is to surrender to Him. The Bible is full of examples of this: Abraham, Moses, Noah, David and an entire host of others. Have you surrender unto God and trusted in Him to do the impossible today?

[1] Tozer, A. W., & Fessenden, D. E. (2001–). The attributes of God: Deeper into the Father’s heart (Vol. 2, p. 75). Camp Hill, PA: WingSpread.

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