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From Sin and Shame to Shouting the Praise of God

Psalm 51:15 (ESV) … “O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.”

David’s lips had been sealed for a year. They had been sealed by his own stubbornness. He had set his jaw in defiance, glared back at the world, and refused to admit he had done anything wrong. After all, he was a king and could do as he pleased.

His lips had been sealed with shame, as well. A sense of his utter wickedness had pressed down upon him and he had kept his mouth shut. He knew that if he spoke about the things of God people would call him a hypocrite. But once the Lord set him free, he would be free indeed. Then, this new life of preaching and praising, of ministering to man and to God, would become the habit of his life.[1]

[1] Phillips, J. (2009). Exploring Psalms 1–88: An Expository Commentary (Vol. 1, Ps 51:14–15). Kregel Publications; WORDsearch Corp.

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