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“Cast Off”

Psalm 71:9 (ESV) … “Do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength is spent.”

Many old people feel the pressure of being “cast off,” no longer wanted. They feel useless and a burden to others. The psalmist pleads that God may not find him a burden. As though He ever could! That is what old Barzillai felt when David urged him to come to Jerusalem with him and share his table, his fellowship, and his kingdom. Barzillai pleaded that he was too old, that he would be a burden to David. As though David could ever have considered Barzillai a burden—the man was a blessing! David did not need only brawny athletic warriors or energetic, bright young men to help him run his kingdom! He had just lost Ahithophel and he needed a wise old counselor like Barzillai. We can be quite sure that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness and that He will never abandon a person just because he is old. God has a great liking for old people.[1]

No one is “cast off” in the kingdom of God. Do not “cast off” yourself but rather be as Joshua and say, “give me this mountain” (Joshua 14).

[1] Phillips, J. (2009). Exploring Psalms 1–88: An Expository Commentary (Vol. 1, Ps 71:9). Kregel Publications; WORDsearch Corp.

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